Thursday, July 5, 2007

We've got lichee!

That's not exactly what the signs on the highway fruitstands read. Usually it's something like "Hay lichee!" They're talking about litchee "nuts" -- which I always had associated with Chinese food. At least that's where I've had them before. But several weeks ago I had one off the tree at Lin and Jim's house down in Los Ayala. Yum! This morning I bought a half-kilo bag of them for 15 pesos at the market in La Penita and had a feast at noon: Tacos de birria from Mrs. Gomez's taqueria, followed by lichees and -- yes, Jeanette -- leftover tres leches cake brought up from the freezer. Your birthday dinner for Larry last March just keeps on giving! Susie and Mark loved it all.

This is the "Susie" who has been leaving comments on this blog. She and her husband Mark from San Antonio have been with us these last couple of days. We all hit it off great. So much in common, so nice to talk. The last two nights none of us got to bed until long after midnight. Those of you who know Cobbo know how rare that is!

And now I reveal a secret: I met so many people while I was on the road for all those years -- and there were several Susans and Susies I remembered from Texas. But darned if I could "picture" this one. I had some ideas, but when they drove up, I couldn't remember ever having met these people! What a gift though. New friends come in such special and surprising ways!

Susie and I went to the market in La Penita this morning. Not a lot of gringos and very few arts and handiwork people. But Susie got some of that wonderful cheap brown pottery cookware, and I bought a very rustica rocker, which I'm going to paint. I know I said I was going to paint the kitchen walls, but it's too darn hot in the kitchen. I need a project where I can hide in a room with AC and listen to books on tape -- or in digits or whatever.

So here's a picture of our new friends and lichee nuts. And I'm now going to head for bed before ten o'clock!


susie said...

What a great time we had-- Made it home around 10pm. The lichee, the spagetti, the grilled fish,the Mexican version of fast food tacos, the construction, we loved it all!!
Larry and Susan, thanks again and again..

susie said...

We all shared New Year's eve at Jim and Rhoda's a few years back...Remember???