Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Road Trip Highlights -- few and far between

We almost had to swim out of Guadalajara. They were still running footage of Sunday's rain on the TV news here tonight at the Camino Real in Saltillo. They even showed the exact street in Tlaquepaque where Larry and I feared being swept away -- and Hummercita has a 24-inch ground clearance! Very impressive. Tonight we got the e-mail telling us that our two new submersible sump pumps in the basement runoff tank worked perfectly during the five-inch downpour they had in Guayabitos. Hooray. We can sleep easy the rest of the trip.

The rain followed us all the way to San Miguel de Allende where we checked into Quinta Loreto -- the only place I could find that would welcome Kody. It looked charming, but maybe it was the rain which made it seem so depressing. We ate that night in their restaurant (too wet to wander far), and then spent a lot of time up and about through the night. Uncomfortable situation compounded by a leak in the skylight directly over the toilet. We said adios the next morning, rather than stay another night. SMA looked interesting -- even enchanting, with lots of little shops, very narrow streets, colorful nooks, crannies and secret gardens. But next time I go there it will be without rain, without a dog, without a Hummer -- and maybe without a husband. Definitely looks like a chick trip.

After an unmemorable Monday night in a 70's era hotel and a disheartening buffet at the Sirloin Stockade in San Luis Potosi, we are spending tonight in the lap of luxury complete with wi-fi and high thread count sheets. Larry is already sleeping off a meal that more than made up for the previous two night's road kill. Tomorrow will bring us into the States. San Antonio. I think he's dreaming of Bob's Barbeque.

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