Monday, July 9, 2007

This is Lucy

I don't know if she gets it when we call at the gate for her in pseudo Cuban accents She's very British. Here she is learning that the "biscuits" Larry loves are not cookies, but something "actually quite nice!"
She's just graduated from Oxford with a degree in English literature -- emphasis on Virginia Wolf, thank you very much. This fall she will start a post-graduate program at Exeter in American literature, emphasis on the South. So she's "mad" to visit New Orleans. Learning about fried chicken and biscuits is a pretty good introduction to this project, right?
We are at Church's Fried Chicken, and as you can see in the background the real church crowd is starting to arrive. This little girl was soon climbing through the plastic tubes of the inside playground. Sunday in Mexico for many usually means a family day at a restaurante campestre, a day in the country where the kids run in the grass, swim, play games -- and the adults sit around huge tables under palapa roofs and eat and drink all day. But during this hot and humid time Mexicans and gringos alike flock to where it's coolest. Fast food served in the comforts of AC. Hmmmm. Global warming: Maybe it's a corporate conspiracy after all?

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