Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is for four Alaskan mothers

Your boys are safe. They're good. And they're up! Yes at this hour of the morning they are stirring, ready to get out and explore. Graham, Nathan, Matt and Raffi were real tired puppies when I picked them up yesterday in PV. Loooooong flight with layovers from Anchorage. Not much sleep the night before. In and out of consciousness on the long ride home for some of them. First time in Mexico -- mainland, non-Tijuana Mexico -- for all of them. They were surprised that it was "so green." For some reason they were expecting desert! (Geography major in me mumbles, "What are they teaching kids these days?")

They brought cooler temperatures. It's wonderful outside. What a relief! So while I was gone, Larry got the upstairs all cleaned up. It still hasn't been painted and there are splotches of concrete all over the place and the roof over the deck isn't on, but what the hey. They're delighted to be up and away from us, with free access to the pool and room to spread all their grubby stuff around. (I know. It's not grubby now. Trust me. It will be.) So with access through the basement, they can come and go without traipsing through the house at late hours.

So after a swim, we fed the pizza. They had another swim. And they were OUT. Today is the market and getting their dollars changed. Moms, we'll keep you posted.

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