Monday, July 9, 2007

AND bananas! And who knows what else!!??

Lots of them. There are five other kinds on the flip side of this display. I didn't even get a chance to take a shot of the chilis for least 15 different kinds....before I was approached and kindly asked to put my camera away. Suspected of being a fresh produce spy in the Gutierrez Centro Comercial in old town Puerto Vallarta! Perhaps I had the whiff of Walmart about me.
What Walmart and Sam's Club provide in midwest American bulk, this market, tucked in at the end of a suspension bridge across one side of the Rio Cuale, deep in PV's romantic zone, makes up in variety. Never have I seen so many products tailored to meet the tastes and homesick longings of expatriates of every stripe and nation. Londonite Lucy, who went with Larry and me yesterday, found Bovril and Heinz baked beans. I seized on a jar of Del Monte Pickle Relish. There was everything Japanese, Chinese, Thai, German, French.
And yes, there on the shelf was Pace Picante Sauce and on the opposite side, Taco Bell ready-formed taco shells. Not that I would judge. No "Coals to Newcastle" sort of muttering under the breath from this direction. I for one have never contended that Taco Bell was even imitation Mexican food. It is....well, it's Taco Bell. I love it just for what it is. Earlier in the day, as we three had breakfast at (ahem) Church's Fried Chicken, I had joked that all PV lacked in the way of fast food was a Taco Bell, and proceeded to extoll the culinary virtues of the TB Mexican Pizza to Lucy. So crispy! So delicious!
Are you listening, Corporate? I know you're there in that big building on Interstate-5 I used to pass on the way to the airport. Come on down!!!

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