Sunday, July 29, 2007

On the last!

It got REALLY REALLY hot right before we left. So glad the weather was reasonably temperate while those boys were here. We left yesterday morning, just barely. Meaning it was still barely morning by the time we got out of town. When we had finished getting gas, and money and ice and drinks, and last instructions to Chano and Hilda, and saying goodbye to Lucy (who will be holding down our guestroom intermittently) it was almost 11:00. We got out on Highway 200 headed north, and STOPPED. Backed up traffic jam to match anything we ever experienced on I-5 -- except OUR highway is now two lanes.

Last night and now early this morning we're enjoying wonderful California like climate of Guadalajara in a great B&B where they love doggies. Check it out at

It's hard to be here in shopper's heaven with a bursting at the seams Hummercita. I bought two postcards. They'll fit someplace. But come next fall: I'll be back!

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