Monday, July 2, 2007

We love this little town

Larry and I took a day trip yesterday. I knew he'd love San Sebastian as much as I did. La Bufa, the 8,400 ft peak above the town that Lucy, Sam and I drove up to, was shrouded in clouds, so Larry and I drove up the other side of the valley and got this dreamy shot of the little pueblo. We even took Kody along. Hotels in Mexico are not generally very welcoming to mascotas, but we introduced him to the folks at El Pabellon, let him do his tricks and cozy up to the ladies. He's welcome any time they told us. So, we may be making some more trips up to the cool altitudes. There's a lot to see and do up in the Sierra just east of Puerto Vallarta! The Hotel Sierra Lago looks pretty interesting to me!


O Susannah! said...

Just checked the rates at the Hotel Sierra Lago. Whew! Think we'll reserve that for a VERY special occasion!

Emily & Luke said...

If you ever go check out Mascota, be sure to be there for Sunday evening on the plaza. It is quite a site. You'll be the only gringos in town and they promenade around the square, with gentlemen walking one direction and the young ladies the other direction. Around 8pm, before the music begins. the church bells ring and all of the sudden EVERYONE stops what they are doing and turns to stare at the church in a moment of silence (or something- we weren't exactly sure what it meant), then they all return to what they were doing. It is pretty fun to watch!