Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not a big holiday here

This is Larry and Leo looking at the iron gate we've had made for our front door. This way we can leave the wooden door open at night and get a nice breeze through the house. I took this shot at Leo's workshop several days ago, and as I write this I hear the noise of installation going on.
It's one of several projects we've got going. The other major one is building a shade structure on the second floor -- the part that looks over the estero out back. From there we can see the mountains, the beach, and on up the coast -- and there's usually a nice breeze. We're trying to get it finished before Graham and his buddies show up July 18.
In the meantime we've got Mark and Susie Posson from San Antonio staying a few nights and celebrating the Fourth with us this evening. Next week the guy who has bought the lot next door to us is in town, as are the sellers, Tim and Penelope. T and P are going to be staying at least one night with us, before we take them to Tepic for the closing. Through this all we hope to find out what kind of plans the buyer has, and what we can look forward to in the way of close by construction activity.
So, after all the workers show up this morning, we're off on a little jaunt through the countryside with Susie and Mark. Maybe we'll find some fireworks for tonight. Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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