Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our own little planets

I have to get this conversation down while it's fresh in my head....

"Do you want any juice?" I ask.

Larry turns to me with a puzzled look. "Huh?" He's at the computer and I'm at the kitchen table. It's about fifteen minutes ago. Morning.

"Juice?" I repeat, and wave the glass in my hand, and nod towards the blender.

"Did I what?" he asks.

"Do you want any juice?" I enunciate slowly. Am I missing something or have I started speaking Chinese? You'd think so from the look on his face. "JUICE." I say once more. "DO YOU WANT ANY?"

Light dawns. "Oh!" he says. "I thought you said, 'Did you run any juice?' No. No, thanks." He turns back to Yahoo.

"Yeah," I say. "Like that's what I always ask you at this time of the morning!"

"Give me a break," he says, nodding upwards to workmen-on-the-roof noise above us. "I was thinking about electricity."

We have GOT to get this project finished.

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susie said...

hang in there Larry, it'll all be over soon!
Love to ya both,