Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who ya gonna call? Nobody!

We did it ourselves! On the way to the petroglyphs, Mona's truck got stuck when we tried to be nice and get over far enough to let that GUY get by. Even when he knew we were stuck, he just kept on going. Mona dug like a little puppy dog and Sister Maggie from Portland and I gathered sticks and stones to give traction to the back right wheel. Then we pushed on the front bumper like crazy while Mona put it in reverse and gunned the engine. Rocking, pushing, one final shove and VICTORY!

Hey, and Mona and I handled those barbed wire gates pretty well -- except for that time when after a LOT of hard core struggle to get the loop of wire back over the post, we found ourselves finally looking at each other.....from opposite sides of the fence. Glad Sister Maggie didn't hear what I had to say.


susie said...

Hooray for girl power... you girls rock!!
Susie-San Antonio

O Susannah! said...

Thanks for the feedback. Love those high fives!