Thursday, March 1, 2007

A blue collar town with lime green walls

I’m going to do a few entries on the wonders of La Peñita. That’s the market town just over the river from us. It’s an easy walk over the “bridge of life,” a suspension bridge a short distance away (rats! I don’t have a picture right now) which members of our homeowners’ association built a few years back. It provides a link between the mainly tourist town of Guayabitos where tourists play and Mexicans work, and La Peñita where everyone goes for the serious stuff: dental work (more on that later), banking, getting keys made, ordering building supplies, buying hardware.

It’s a blue-collar town with walls to match. Or at least in colors that coordinate. Or maybe not. You be the judge. Here are a few shots I took the other day when we wandered around with our houseguests, Chris and Ken. I included the long shot of the fruit truck under the purple wall with lime green windows, just so you can see that you don't find the bright color spots on each and every block. But there definitely are enough of them to make your walk interesting.

Incidentally, my friend across the street, Jeanette, has become a blogging FIEND. She’s much more prolific than I am right now. I threatened the other day just to sign on to my blog each day and say “Go to . If you want to see a photo of my latest haircut – and Larry’s lack of one – check out her entry for today.

Hasta mañana. We’re off to PV in the morning to get full mouth x-rays for Mom and Larry. Told you I’d talk about the dentist later…….

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