Saturday, March 3, 2007

Toes on the nose around the Pacific Rim

The way Larry got to know the Nayarit coast was surfing down here over the last few years with his Japanese friends. Larry "Cobbo" Cobb shaped boards for Infinity Surfboards in Dana Point for...well a LOT of years, and acquired quite a following of Japanese surfers who bought his boards through Ted Suzuki's Infinity shop an hour's drive from Tokyo. About once a year a group of Japanese surfers would come over to California and we'd put them up at our house in San Clemente for a week or so, and then they'd head south to Mexico with Cobbo and other Southern California surfers. Often the best way for all of them to communicate was in Spanish.

I just found out that two of those Japanese friends are following this blog, dictionary in hand. Nobby is an apprentice surfboard shaper. His long time surfer friend and brand new wife, Asako, provides all kinds of support for him in his chosen field. Much like someone else I know who did the same for HER husband.....ME!!!
But these surfboard shaper guys have a lot of "soul," and are generally pretty easy to live with. I haven't regretted one moment of Larry's career path. It's always made him so happy. So here's a picture of Asako, and a picture of a board Nobby shaped. I think with Nobby's choice of colors, he'd be right at home in La PeƱita! I hope they come to see us soon.

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