Saturday, March 10, 2007

Adventures in dentistry

This morning I'm taking Mom back over to La Peñita to yet another dental appointment. This, incidentally, is not a picture of my mother. It's one of the aquaintances we made at the crocodile farm south of San Blas. Crocs sleep with their mouths open, because they're cold-blooded and this way they keep warm.
Larry is also launched on a major project to bring him back to the movie-star good looks I married him for. Smile-wise at any rate. I've been sitting here thinking of some cute way to tie this picture in with his current adventure.
I'm up to six possibilities and none of them are truly creative. So, how about this. Let's have a contest. YOU do it. I'll be the judge. And the winner gets an all-expense paid (after you get here) jungle boat ride to see more of these beauties. can get your teeth done while you're down here! Randy, you up for a $1,000 peso root canal?

1 comment:

Randy said...

We'll see. Hopefully the photo of the sleeping beast never needs a root canal. Yikes!