Sunday, March 18, 2007

The best amigo ever

Kody and Larry are sharing some quality time this morning. What sort of quality is highly debatable depending on your point of view. I for one think the quality of life in the house is greatly improved when Kody doesn't smell so much like.....well, a dog.

Kody is a keeshond (pronounced for the most part "quiche hound") and he's pretty much an indoor doggie. He used to go with us lots of different places, but now he has a job, and he takes it very seriously. It is to bark furiously at every stranger who passes by when we're not home, and let them know that the house is protected by a ferocious beast who will tear any would be trespasser limb from limb and toss the remaining pieces to the seagulls and pelicans. He is very good at it. Except with girls. He LOVES girls, and makes an absolute idiot of himself to get an approving pat or scratch between the ears.

I met Kody about three years ago in January. He was walking on the beach near San Clemente with his owner, Janet. When I saw them approaching I fell to my knees and held out my arms. He was an absolute clone of a dog we'd had quite a few years back -- Rascal. At that time I thought I was special when he started doing his oh-you're-a-girl-let-me-please-you-and-delight-you routine. Little did I know! But he also took a shine to Larry when they were later introduced -- this MUCH to Janet's surprise. Kody and Janet and I met quite a few times to share walks on the beach.

So along about March of that same year Janet gave us a call. She had just moved to California when we'd first met. She'd come there to start a singing career, and caring for Kody was getting to be a bigger responsibility than she'd planned on. She'd been walking on the beach praying for a solution when I showed up in her path, literally on my knees. She'd scoped us out pretty well over the next several weeks, and finally decided that Larry and I could provide a good home for her friend, if we were willing. Were we ever! It's been pretty much a love fest ever since.
Kody is happy as a little clam in Mexico, even though the culture here isn't as welcoming to "mascotas" as say, in Europe. There he'd get an honored place under the table at the restaurant, and the waiter would bring him a dish of water! But he gets a walk every morning on the beach, and he's friendly with the children who aren't snatched away in terror by their parents. And just for the record -- the bath photo proves it: our dog is NOT gorda (fat). He's furry!

By the way: Here's a link to Janet's website. Click the music part, hear a sample of her singing, and understand why Kody gets a pained expression on his face when I serenade him. He was raised with a much higher standard.

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Susan & Larry,
Mark and I had lunch with Jim & Rhoda today... they told us about your blogg site... Love it!! We visited PV last Sept (have reserv to go again in Dec) and drove all around the outlining towns and villages... missed your place tho! Am soooooo jealous of you all... am anxiously awaiting OUR retirement time! Keep up the exciting blog entries, I can pretend we are there!!
Susie Posson (Fielding's Mom)
San Antonio, Texas

O Susannah! said...

Hey Susie! I hope you give us a heads up when you come down again. Absolutely love sharing this area with friends old and new.

O Susannah! said...

This is an e-mail I received about C(K)ody....Thanks, Michael for sharing this story!

Dear Larry and Susan,
My name is Michael and I am a dear friend of Janet. She turned me on to your blog page and I wanted to write and tell you this little story. I met Cody a few years ago along with Janet and I knew he was a very special guy. He was always great to give a rub down to when I would stop by and enjoy Janet's company.

When she moved out to CA she asked for my help taking her and her two cats and Cody across country with her and after a bit of arm twisting I figured I was up for a challenge. Ha!

Well Cody was great on the trip. He always stayed near the van when we made pit stops and never gave us a lick of trouble. Near the end of our journey in the California (?) desert, we pulled into a rest area. They are few and far between in that area and we figured we had better take advantage of it. Janet got out first and I took first watch on animal patrol. I had gotten used to Cody's staying near the van so I didn't even try to put him on the leash, but just opened up his traveling crate and let him out. I guess by that point he had gotten the hang of why we stopped at these places and he headed up the path toward the rest rooms to find Janet, much to my surprise.

Why this is at all interesting is there was a man hanging out near the rest rooms. This guy gave me the SUPER creeps, right from the moment I saw him as we pulled in. A thought rang through my mind, "He has probably killed people." I am a social worker by profession and I pride myself with getting along with others and trying to see the best in people whenever possible. But this man rang warning bells in me I never even knew I had. Cody must have thought so too, because as he ran up the path and got within 5 feet of this man he made a quick 180 and headed straight back to the van and into his crate. I was concerned that he might need to pee on a bush or something, but once he was back in that crate try as I might, I couldn't even pull him out of it. That was all the convincing I needed that we should finish up and get the heck out of there. I thought something was off - but Cody's reaction sealed the deal.

We made it out the rest of the way fine, but I was glad I went out with Janet because you never know who you might run into.

I was sad when Janet told me she had found a new home for Cody, but I loved the story she told me about meeting the two of you... and if Cody reacted so well... well I figured perhaps he had set quite a full plate for himself in this doggie incarnation so it must all be for the best. Having seen the photos I am sure it is a good thing.

Don't forget! That dog has a good sense for people. If he ever decides someone needs to be avoided... TRUST HIM. : ) I sure do!

Be well and give him a big old hug for me.

O Susannah! said...

Will do, Michael! C(K)ody's good friend Cynthia is here and he's getting lots of lovin'. And happily he doesn't care how we spell his name. I always thought it was K like in Kody the Keeshond. But Cody Cobb works pretty well, too.