Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Does anybody know what time it is?

Larry diligently changed all the clocks last Saturday, springing ahead an hour to conform with time in the States. It was all part of NAFTA, we were told. Mexico would change time along with the U.S.

But evidently they didn’t. And won’t for another three weeks. We think. At least that’s what we were told at the fundraising pancake breakfast we showed up for Sunday morning – not so late as we thought we’d be.

It’s already confusing enough around here, being an hour behind Puerto Vallarta. (PV is in Central, Nayarit is in Mountain.) Factor that into catching or meeting a plane from the States, along with whether or not PV changed times or not, and you’ve got a few more stress factors to add to the joy of travel.

Colin and Sabina, our friends with the surf shop on Vancouver Island who own the house down here in La Colonia, are up north these days. They are NOT happy with the earlier switch to DST. Canada DID change with the U.S., but being much further north, it’s way later there when the sun comes up. Their kids now catch the school bus at o’dark thirty.

The point of bringing all this up? What is done in the States usually has an effect beyond its borders, something Americans rarely think about. I keep thinking of the big Labrador who used to crawl in bed between Larry and me. Inevitably she’d poke one of us in the ribs while shoving the other to the edge. It would have helped – some – if she’d at least looked a little sorry.

Hope Bush and Calderon get their watches in sync for today’s meeting in Mérida.

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