Monday, June 4, 2007

A Stroll Around La Zona

Posting pictures to this blog seems to take a really long time, so I've been uploading some of the shots I've taken to my "Collection" page on Click on the link to the left labeled "Susan's Photo Albums." The most recent album includes some shots I took while just walking around the neighborhood here. At first I put the names of our neighbors on the houses, but thought better of it!

Attaching names to houses does work sometime, though. We had a nice surprise Saturday evening. Our favorite surfing veterinarian from San Onofre, Doug Coward, his wife Nancy, her sister and one of Doug's staff showed up at our front gate! Their whole office is down enjoying Costa Azul, a resort to the south of us in San Francisco (San Pancho). They had a few hours free and thought they'd explore Guayabitos. They recognized our house from the description and pictures I've posted here. Hooray! Great spending a half hour with them. Next time stay a little longer!


Randy said...

Susan - Raul's rugs looked beautiful. What does he charge for them on the average? They looked really nice. Thanks.

Randy Maa

O Susannah! said...

I can only tell you what I paid for mine. I bought two. The dimensions are roughly equivalent to 6 x 9 and 5 x 7. That's feet. MY feet, pacing them off with my size 10's. I'm sure Raul measures in meters. The designs I chose were considerably more intricate than the ones he had out on his display. You can see the larger one back in my post of January 11, 2006. Anyway, that large one I bought for the equivalent of about $800 US dollars. The smaller one, about $500. I since bought an even smaller one, but I bought it from someone besides Raul. The new guy swore he used the same dye processes as Raul, but his has faded. Raul's have not.