Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At Last...We've Got the Ganas

"No tengo ganas." That means, "I just don't feel like it." Ganas is the Spanish word for inclination, desire, get up and go. Larry and I haven't had a lot of ganas lately. Just getting up and moving through the day has seemed like a major effort. Witness my less than prolific output on this blog. Every system -- computer, bodies, weather, bureaucracy, ocean -- seemed to be operating in ultra slo-mo these last weeks. Heck, even the gas tank in the jeep had water in it, and when we DID get out, it was to sputter and bump around even more erratically than usual.

But yesterday Larry went surfing for the first time in months. The internet surf report SAID five-star waves at Sayulita. You can tell by the photos....they lied. But there was something about getting out and DOING it that seemed to energize us. No, I didn't surf. But I did get up at O dark thirty and go with him. So did Lucy and Sam (more about them later). We all went in search of, if not the perfect wave, at least any wave. We finally settled back at Sayulita, had breakfast at Don Pedro's, and by that time there was enough movement in the water to justify Cobbo getting wet.

And it finally rained yesterday afternoon. Not a lot, but it's like something's broken loose. Last night, Larry ran an AdAware scan on my computer and cleared out a bunch of tracking cookies. Things are gradually unclogging and gaining momentum all around.

So Cobbo's back in the surf this morning. I'm up and blogging, getting ready for Hilda and Chano, and then I'll go watercolor with my friends. We're getting our "ganas" back! I may even scan in "My First Virgin" for your viewing pleasure later today. More about THAT later! (Ok, ok. It's a watercolor of Guadalupe. I think I'm doing a series.....) Hasta la bye bye for now!

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