Sunday, June 17, 2007

Staying Cool -- Mentally and Physically

I'm waiting. It's almost two weeks since we bought an AC unit for my office. Installing it involves cutting a hole in our six inch thick concrete wall and an iron cage for it outside so no one will steal it. Fernando, where are you??!!

He's working. Every skilled craftsman around here is up to his ears, getting ready for the rainy season. That's why we have a whole album of "Javier's pictures" under "Susan's photo albums." We're letting people up north know the progress of their construction projects.

We also have nine kick butt aluminum three-bladed Copacabana fans that are waiting -- still in their boxes -- to be suspended from our ceilings. They will replace the highly decorative but thoroughly ineffective ceiling fans which we currently have. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. The blades on these Walmart specials are literally drooping. When we do turn them on they perform sort of a dismal merry-go-round dance, and go creech, creech, creech and drive us crazy. So until we're better "conditioned" around here, we retire to the two rooms we DO have AC in: the bedroom and the living room. I read, and Larry watches television. So what else is new?

And sometimes we emerge to flag down the raspado man who ventures up our cul-de-sac every day. Shave ice they call it in Hawaii. Delicious is what I call it down here. And coooool.

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