Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It happened last night

RAIN!!!!!!! Tons of it. Sheets of it. Buckets of cats and dogs. Whatever. Lots and lots of water. And today: lots and lots of steam. We are living in Walt Disney's jungle boat ride. At least it sounds like it. Every feathered and furry fauna is squawking and screeching with delight. The flora seems pretty happy, too. I can almost hear things starting to grow.

I'm going to retire to our hermetically sealed air conditioned bedroom, dry out, and read the instructions for my scanner. I found the transparencies -- remember "slides?" -- that we took on our trip to Mexico in August 1973. Puerto Vallarta when it was quiet and undeveloped. Susan and Larry looking like two skinny kids. We WERE two skinny kids. Just finished reading Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck. One of the regrets she lists about growing older is that she didn't wear a bikini as much as she could have when she was younger. Yep. Me, too. More on THAT later. (I'm building up quite a little backlog, aren't I?) Later.

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susie said... we get to wear 'mirclesuits' and 'tankinis'
aint it fun!!?