Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cocina con Fusion!

Here's an e-mail I got last night from friend, Linda Youcha -- Emily's mom from Emily and Luke's blog. Boo hoo. Looks like we'll have to wait on a good Thai dinner!

"Hi guys,I am realllly sorrry, but we are going to have to call off the dinner for sat. night here. We have no water! A guy came tonight to check the bomba, pump but doesnt know if he can fix it tomorrow or not......So here I sit with a kitchen full of dirty dishes! I have been cooking most of the day,,,,making fresh coconut milk from scratch, mango lime sorbet from grated limes and fresh lime juice, and fresh mangoes,,,,,just getting ready to skin and debone the chicken for the musman curry chicken, using that wonderful fresh coconut milk I just made (thick and thin)....but cant do it now.. It is best to make a day, now even if he came tomrrow to fix the pump, our kitchen and house would be a disaster and we would be behind schedule with all the cleaning up to do and cooking..."

Thai cooking and Mexican cooking share so many of the same ingredients: rice, coconut, coconut milk, mangos, limes, jalapeno and serrano chiles, cinnamon, cilantro, fish, fish, fish, shrimp and more fish, any number of fresh veggies. Other Thai ingredients that are here for the picking, if one were so inclined (most Mexicans are not) are lemon grass, mint, turmeric, ginger. It's all in how and IF you put them together! Are we drooling yet?

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