Thursday, August 30, 2007

Suspended Animation

Thought I'd let people know we haven't fallen off the planet. There is nothing going on. And I realize that this is the first time in, maybe years, that we haven't had a project, or guests, or something pending to consider. We're still here, hangin' out at Mom's. Biggest decision of each day is whether to eat out or in -- and then where. Will write more when there's something to say. Thanks, you who have rattled my cage to see if there's still life. Glad you care! Love it when you throw peanuts.


Michele K. said...

Thank you...your interest in food is a healthy sign. Now....for those of us who served time in Lubbock for several years, as well as those who would like to do time there, can you enlighten us on where you like to eat when you eat out in Lubbock....just in case we should be passing through...maybe soon.

Michele K.

mexicobum said...

Hi Susan
Glad to see all is well and you're just laying low. That's what summers are for. Been getting losts of rain and is cool in the evenings. Missing you here SOTB.

char bailey crowe said...

Susan, it's been 12 days and counting since we've heard from you. Once again, are you guys OK or just away from the keyboard? Hope to see you for a cup of coffee when you're in SC. I've had several phone calls from PV allowing me to listen to the steady downpour of rain. Can't wait to get back there Nov. 12. Much love, Char