Friday, August 10, 2007

Flying Solo

It was a big day last Tuesday for my niece Ashton, and I was there! A loooooong time ago I got my pilot's license down in Midland, Texas. The day I soloed, there was no advance warning. My instructor just asked me to pull over and let him out, (we were on the ground) and said I was ready. So it really was an all-by-myself solo with no one to witness or record the event.

Ashton had a lot of notice, so her mom and dad, her aunt and grannie were all out rooting for her and taking lots of pictures. Here's one of me and the Cessna she was flying. I don't think that hangar has had a paint job since I landed here on my cross country back in ..... oh never mind.

Ashton is also taking Russian. Wants to be an astronaut. Wonder if the second language shouldn't be....Chinese?

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