Monday, September 24, 2007

I knew I felt bad....but not THAT bad!

Things got a little rough in Lubbock -- like a crisis. Larry and I cut our trip short and headed back to Mexico. Got here a week ago today and entered the Amerimed Hospital in Puerto Vallarta the next day. I've been here ever since. After taking five units of blood, I went through surgery on Saturday, and have been recovering. Hoping to go home tomorrow, but we'll see.

Thank you, dear, dear friends for comments on the blog (this is the first time I've visited it since last August!). And for calls here to the hospital (that's difficult and expensive, I know). But especially for e-mails. Everytime one comes in it's like a bouquet. Larry has been reading them all to me, and I will respond to each one eventually. He has tried to keep up, but being a two fingered hunt and peck typist who hasn't learned to copy and paste, it is a real effort for him. I can't begin to say how much it means to know people care.

I care, too, and will begin blogging again through these next days. Life is worth living -- especially now that it may include solid food again. :-)


Laura said...

love and hugs



Randy said...

Our thoughts are with you and get well soon and have a speedy recovery.

Randy Maa

mexicobum said...

I doubt you remember me being in your room as the docs/nurses wheeled you back into the room after surgery. You were singing and feeling no pain! Keep singing and in no time you will be feeling better. PS: A girlfriend and I gladly donated blood in your name on Wednesday. Take care and see you soon.

O Susannah! said...

Oh Jeanie! Thanks so much to you and to your friend. The staff at Amerimed very sweetly and hesitantly mentioned that when someone uses blood from the PV blood bank -- especially as much as I did, friends and family are expected to come in and replace it. We don't have that many friends back fromo the north as yet, so your donation at this time is especially meaningful. Larry is O Negative, which mixes with anyone's. The Air Force was constantly draining him during his service days, and he plans on making several donations before the end of the year.
I DO remember your voice. So thoughtful of you to come by. Sorry I was indisposed! The songs have not been so spontaneous this past week, more often coming through gritted teeth, but things are getting better and better day by day.