Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Of brisket and memories....

The aroma filled the house this morning at three o'clock. I woke up with my mouth watering. Beef brisket, salt, pepper, garlic -- wrapped in foil. 200 degree oven all night. Falling apart this morning. Brisket brings back so many memories.

Thirty eight years ago today -- in a house ten blocks away -- I woke up for the last time as Susan Jackson. By evening I'd be Susan Cobb. I still am. Happy Anniversary, Cobbo, love of my life. I'm so grateful we're together. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

This would have been a fortieth anniversary high school reunion for me. If they'd had one. I checked the website. Nada. There were several class contacts and I e-mailed an old friend I recognized, thinking she might still be in town. Nope. Oklahoma. She seemed friendly and I responded with way too much info. I haven't heard back. I don't blame her. I was overcome by nostalgia for....what? Maybe it's because I've been in bed for several days and got a little crazy.

My mom shows love with food. I've been a challenge for her lately. Cobbo and I crossed the Texas border and began indulging crispy, crunchy everything, eating deep fried like we'd never tasted it before. Shoot, it was America! You could actually drive through a restaurant and get food -- a LOT of it. "You want more fries with that, Mister?" My system rebelled about three days later, and I've been sidelined for a while.

Lying on my back, Mom's spent a lot of time by my side, patting my hand. We talk. We remember. I'm coming around, and, well, now there's this brisket thing....

Maybe it's time to take a look back at Lubbock. Put a little history down for posterity. Maybe work through some issues of what I love and hate so strongly here.

Larry and I are scheduled to be here for the next five weeks. There's not a whole lot to do and a lot of time to do it. So I've started a new blog: Flatland Voyages. If you're up for a detour, come on along.


susie said...

Happy anniverary Larry and Susan!

"Roses are red, Harley's are rode. Marriage is better as you enjoy 38. Alway at work to love and care for each other, no matter what you wear!"
That poem is from Mark!!
Love to ya both,
Susie & Mark

O Susannah! said...

As a poet Mark makes a very good ... well, I'm not sure. He DOES make a very good friend. Love to you both. Thanks for the comments. Lovely knowing you're out there!

O Susannah! said...

I've received some e-mails about the brisket recipe. Make sure that foil is wrapped tight! And don't sleep TOO late. Depending on the amount of fat in the slab of meat, even at 200, you could have crispy cooked critter in the morning.

JohnnyV said...

You guys are our heros!! Happy Anniversary! When we grow up we want to be JUST like you.

With Love John & Misty