Friday, January 26, 2007

This is for mi mama

She's always loved bouganvillea -- or bugambillas as they write it down here. Growing it in Lubbock, Texas, was a challenge. Only in giant pots which required two or three men to carry them inside from the patio every autumn. There they'd gather strength through sunny winter months until the last frost was past -- usually the end of April.
It was mid-February when Larry and I moved from West Texas to Southern California. The bouganvillea were in full glory, tumbling down hillsides, filling ravines, competing with freeway daisies and iceplant for the attention of commuters stuck in traffic. I thought -- in a southern twang -- "I've done died and gone to heaven."
So this is the public path from our neighborhood to the Guayabitos beach. It's glorious. And it's waiting for you, Mom. Glad you're moving out of the skilled nursing unit tomorrow. I'm looking forward to bringing you back to Mexico with me this coming February so you can spend some time before your "independent living" unit is ready. Glad you've lived. Welcome to heaven.

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