Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the road

I'm busy packing this morning. My flight for Orange County leaves from Puerto Vallarta at 2:43, but Larry and I want to make a Sam's Club run before he drops me off at the airport. Before I go, I'd like to introduce you to Luke and Emily from Fairbanks, Alaska. Emily's parents are friends of ours who live in R de Guayabitos, and she and Luke arrived shortly after we moved down here. They both quit their jobs to travel in Mexico for a year. Their blog is FULL of great pictures and the writing is terrific. They both have an eye for detail and cultural exclamation points.

I've added a link to their blog, so you can see for yourself. If you scroll down to the very beginning of their adventure, you'll get their perspective on the area around here. They have actually done a lot more exploring than we have, and can show you around town much better. For instance, Luke took some great shots of the tianguis market in La Penita.

Don't know if I'll blog from OC or not. If I don't, see you later. And I promise more pictures!

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T.T. said...

Susan, thanks for sharing Emily and Luke's Mexico travel blog. I really am enjoying the photos and their words describing the adventure they are having.

Places I know I probably will never get to go to. Of course I plan on coming to Rincon de Guayabito to visit when time permits.

What a contrast of starting in Fairbanks to the tropical shores of Mainland Mexico. Well, cooler mountain areas but what a temperature and climate change for them.

Would be for me too though I live here in So Cal. Even with the cold weather we have been having here lately I would sure like to bury my toes in some warm tropical sand on a picturesque beach.
For some people they would consider that I live in the banana belt with the cold they have to deal with. Oh well!