Saturday, January 13, 2007

Alone at last...

Chano and Hilda. We see a lot of them. Hilda comes twice a week to expend vast amounts of Fabuloso, the Koolaid looking cleaner that Mexican housekeepers swear by. (So many colors! So many aromas!) Chano has been at our door six mornings a week for the past three weeks at 7:00 sharp. He has painted plenty of purple and potted a plethora of plants. (Say that three times really fast.) And in addition we've had the tile man who put up the mural and fixed the kitchen counter, the people who deliver water twice a week, the teenager who services the pool twice a week, the garbage men who come twice a week, the woman who sells pickles, the guys who sell silver chains and watches door to door, Maria bringing me pineapples, some lawyers serving papers on the people who lived here before, the guy in the truck selling relics, people asking about the lot for sale next door, the termite man (did you know that concrete gets termites??!!), the guys who will rebury our fresh water pipe and put it MORE than two inches below the driveway....all of this besides (much welcomed!) visits from neighbors and friends. I am SO glad tomorrow is Sunday. I'm going to bed now and I'm going to wear my jammies until 10:00 tomorrow morning!

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