Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Once more into the breach...."

In a few minutes we're going to be leaving for a property owners' meeting. If you click on the Guayabitos News link, you'll see that Larry and I have landed in another HOA "challenge." It happened to us before back in San Juan Capistrano. Almost the day after we bought our condo on the hill up above the golf course, suits were filed. Turns out our foundations were rotten concrete and the slope above us was headed downhill. We spent the next four years involved in two different lawsuits with two different homeowners associations. Larry became president of the slope association -- with a good outcome. We got a $9.5 million settlement from GlenFed, and were able to reconstruct the unstable slope on the hill above us and leave money in the bank for the association. Our condo was also completely renovated with no cost to us. So I'm not too discouraged about the current state of affairs in the Zona Residencial here in Guayabitos.

I went back through my notes this morning to find the affirmation that I wrote out regarding that past situation. I referred to it constantly as a "reality" check. I'll be revising it over the next few days for this current occasion:

"My household is what I hold in my house -- my consciousness. It is the consciousness that God gives me. It is illumined, orderly, peaceful, joyous, uncontaminated, never stale or putrid, serene, unirritated, unperturbed. My house, my consciousness, is buttressed with truth; it is immoveable, solid, strong, unfragmented, seamless. It is built of the solid masonry of love, precept on precept, action on action. It exists to glorify God, the great architect, the eternal builder. Its foundation is sure.

My consciousness at this time has a particular vista westward, but we are not "strangers on a barren shore." This homeowners association is a spiritual community where we see the love and care of God expressed in our loving and caring for one another. The mental atmosphere on this hillside is imbued with tender words and loving encouragement in our mutual and individual endeavors. We honor and adore one infinite God, good, and we honor and adore God's creation, which is here, and now, and always."

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