Saturday, September 29, 2007

Home again, home again

Not exactly dancing a jig, but very happy to be here. Came home yesterday, well, Thursday late afternoon -- I'm obviously having a few sleep challenges here, but that's nothing new -- and felt a million times better just being able to be with dog and husband and see what has been going on with the house. I find myself surrounded by angels.

Larry is head angel. He is a great, great help -- tender, caring and so thoughtful. He's ready to do anything here at the house, since he doesn't have to make that three hour or more round trip to PV and back every day now. Nine times in ten days....Those of you who have been on that road should have a double appreciation of the effort he put out.

Remember Lucy? She's been staying in the guest room here. She's a messy, crazy, slightly flakey 23 year old English girl who has decided to forego starting her master's degree at Exeter this fall, and is staying on in Guayabitos, dancing with the entertainers at the Los Cocos all-inclusive resort here. It's like the movie Dirty Dancing. "I'm that girl!" she says. Her schedule is really bizarre, but she's great company, sweet and affectionate to me, brings flower bouquets to brighten the bedroom, and makes me happy.

And Mona....wonderful Mona from down the street. The same Mona that introduced me to the petroglyphs at Alta Vista where we got stuck in the road and she and I and the nun who was her B&B guest at the time got the truck out by ourselves. She has taken on the task of seeing that I am well fed. She is a juicing fiend, knows her fruits and veggies, yogurts and cereals, and makes heavenly soups full of good things that process easily through tender innards. This is a great relief to Larry, whose idea of a balanced meal is a slice of pizza and a cupcake in each hand. It is answered prayer for me. I looked at that huge bowl of Raisin Bran my sweet husband presented me with this morning and thought, "God, help me." The phone rang -- and it was Mona!

So I think I'll crawl back into bed now and see if sleep will come. More tomorrow. I'm getting back in a writing mood.

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Randy said...

Sounding a little feisty there. That is a good sign!

Rest up and good to hear you are at home and in good company. Sure beats a hospital any day.