Saturday, October 6, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love....

I saw Elizabeth Gilbert yesterday on Oprah. I'd set an alarm to see her, because I read her book, I think it was in San Antonio, or some place in between. She's written about her spiritual journey where she ate in Italy, prayed in India, and loved in Indonesia. And I'm doing it all right here in an air-conditioned bedroom in Guayabitos! Not in exactly the same flamboyant style as Liz -- certainly not in the style that would sell millions of books -- but those are the basic essentials of life right now.

There are a few off the charts highlights. Yesterday (or was it the day before....time flies when you're having SO much fun) I spent about three hours with the "Private Access" folks at trying to reset our PIN number which we somehow inadvertently blocked. Neither Larry nor I could remember the answer to the security question, or even remember being asked in the first place. WHOSE first pet are they talking about, anyway???? Let me tell you, I feel a whole lot safer about the security of our funds. Like I say, three hours, three agents. But at least we can pay bills once more. The thing about it, is that I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE EXPERIENCE!!! Which tells you how desperate I can get for outside company.

So that's why I've been quiet. Hang in there with me. Something I'll feel like sharing is bound to happen soon.

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susie said...

Good to hear you sounding so happy!
I also saw the Oprah show yesterday..was sharing Elizabeth's insights with Chaylee on the phone.
I'm recapping: 1. what do I really, really, really want? 2. What can I be grateful for today? 3. What is my internal mantra? Loved it! Keep on blogging... we miss it!