Saturday, May 5, 2007

While Larry's walking the dog....

I'll just sneak in here to the kitchen and use his computer. I'm on a major project right now transfering stuff off my desktop and onto my laptop. My desktop is an ancient Gateway which I've made available to houseguests (mostly teenagers) over the last five years or so, and it's gotten all clogged up with who knows what. For example, a while back I was upgrading to a newer version of AOL's instant message program which offered to populate my buddy list with the contents of my Yahoo address book. I accepted, and TA DAH I had a new buddy list filled with names that were totally new to me -- names of people I KNEW I didn't know, and didn't look like I would WANT to know. Took me a while to figure out that what I had was the buddy list from my teenage nephew who had visited us several years before -- a very sociable type to say the least. Anyway, bear with me while I sort through my technological conversions. Blogging will be much easier when it doesn't take me ten minutes to upload one photo.

In the meantime, just to keep whoever's reading up to date, I'm in the middle of my own adventures in dentistry which should keep me occupied on the weekends over the next month or so. The specialist from Guadalajara only comes out here every other week -- arriving Thursday night and leaving Sunday. Larry's last appointment is today.

I also discovered that the little shop in front of the bungalows on Los Flamingos (the ILLEGAL bungalows...this is supposed to be a residential area only) doesn't just carry the inflatable beach toys and colorful bikinis that hang in the windows. They also have FRESH HOT bolillos and tortillas delivered every morning! This is what I used to LONG for in So Cal -- to be able to take a walk and pick up fresh baked stuff for breakfast without having to get in a car. So I'm a lot more forgiving of the proprietor Enrique -- who also stocks a variety of fresh vegetables as well!

I hear the front gate squeaking. I'm out of here! Gotta greet the returning troops.

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Kim said...

How delightful to read your blogs and see where you have landed! GORGEOUS!

I love Mexico and have been to Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Mexico City many times. But i love Mexico - the people I have met, the biodiversity, the background.....
big sigh.

Welcome home! Hope to see you in November!

Kim Korinek