Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holidays: Flowers and Crosses

This morning we got out early and went to the market in La Penita. There were flowers everywhere, because today is Mother's Day down here in Mexico. That's about the only thing that was for sale, because most of the stores were closed. I really have to hand it to them down here. They don't wait around for SUNDAY to establish holidays. They set them right in the middle of the week, so there's a good excuse for taking a lot of time off.

For instance, last Wednesday and Thursday there were TWO holidays. May 2 was Day of the Child: no school and special fiestas for children everywhere -- official license to spoil little ones silly, as if Mexicans need any excuses for that. Never have I seen any place where children are more loved.

Then Thursday was Mexican Labor Day -- specifically for construction workers. So on that day every house or building under construction has a crepe paper cross erected on it, including our neighbors' house that has the "sweet spot."

So after our little market foray, we returned home to appreciate our own homegrown flowers right at our front entrance -- and found this big iguana appreciating them as well! Iguanas love hibiscus blossoms.
So Kody now has another job description -- protect the flowers!

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