Thursday, May 3, 2007

What I've been doing all day....

It doesn't seem like a lot. But what matters is the pace. I seem to be slowing down to the speed of my computer -- which is glacial.

Yesterday morning I took a long morning walk with neighbor Bobby. Then I cooked the first big breakfast we've had for a week or more. Larry and I sat and talked!

I washed clothes, going up and down the stairs to the big old laundry room in the basement. It has two concrete basins, one with a washboard built in. I haven't used it, but I did take time to hang some clothes out on a line and fold others carefully after they were in the drier. I even washed my walking shoes, laces and all. I sat and watched Oprah with Larry while I relaced them.

I took time to savor every word as I finished Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses. It is a book meant to be savored. The plot is secondary to what the author evokes of West Texas and Northern Mexico, circa 1949. First installment of The Border Trilogy. May eventually graze through the following two.

I uploaded and arranged pictures from our trip last week to the Botanical Gardens south of Puerto Vallarta. Go have a look at the album by clicking the link to the left: "Susan's Photo Albums." Definitely worth the trip! I've put comments under the photos. Culled the collection down from about a 100 shots to just 30, so you won't get overwhelmed.

Then we went over to our friends Jeanie and Dennis' house, and had grilled dorado and wahoo while we watched the results of American Idol. For that I made guacamole....and I even put on some lipstick. Hey, I still know how to dress up! Wanna see my bright white tennis shoes?


susie said...

Great pics of the Gardens..Don't you love the colors of Mexico, so bright and vivid, no drab decors there!

O Susannah! said...

Susie! Thanks for your comments. Love getting the feedback.