Saturday, April 7, 2007


These are some scenes from the plaza in front of the church in La Penita last night. The mass was going on inside -- a somber commemoration of the betrayal and crucifixion. Yesterday's Mexican TV news was full of Good Friday fulmination and self-flagelatory footage. (How's that for alliteration?) Not only did we have processions of penitents whipping their own bare backs, but lots of Catholic bishops eager to give their opinion on just what they think of the Mexican Parliament voting this last week to legalize abortion. It's like there IS no other news. Humanity is obviously going to hell in a handbasket, and Mexico is leading the way.

But in La Penita last night a quiet kind of happy carnival atmosphere prevailed. Nothing really raucus. A band would play now and then. There were games: foosball and shooting galleries, and places where you could throw three rocks at a line of empty bottles for the privilege of winning -- a beer! But from my observation, there was a lot more interest in blowing bubbles, watching sugar transform to cotton candy, and painting ceramics than in smashing and shooting things.

Life -- creation and creativity -- go on. Outside the church. In the plazas, on the streets and by beach fires and homefires everywhere. No by your leave or any official sanction is required. No one can impose Life, and no one can ever really stop it. That's just the way Life is. All by Itself.

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