Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More creative impulses

Sometimes this blogger program lets me insert pictures, and sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those doesn't times. So I'll just give you a link to a website with pictures!

My neighbor Bobbi Atwood hosts an artists gathering every Tuesday morning. (It was from her roof that I took the photo of our house in my last post.) I'm really grateful to be included in this group. It helps to have a designated time to pick up and go paint. I just started a couple of weeks ago, after the guest instructor they'd had for the season finished her course. As you can see as you browse through the site, just about everyone is doing watercolors and flowers. New territory for me!

With watercolors you have to plan ahead, know where you're going and how you're going to do it. Really new territory for me right now. But Bobbi put up some of my older work on the website she and her daughter Debbie created, and trusts I'll produce more. She's provided me with paper, loaned me brushes, and given me a lot of encouragement. Did I mention she used to teach elementary school?

Click on the link and come meet some of my new friends!

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