Saturday, April 7, 2007

Our guests are in shock

When Peggy, Rachel and Ayumi decided to come for spring break, none of us knew about Semana Santa. They are now talking about a shopping trip to Guadalajara this weekend. Exit, stage left!

Click the link in this entry and have a look at our cul-de-sac. The photo with the yellow hibiscus in front is taken from our front porch. Do a little more scrolling through Jeanette's blog and get the bigger story on Semana Santa -- the wonderful faces and happy people. Bruce and Jeanette are such caring, big-hearted, generous people. But so are our other neighbors! Paul and Bobby, Susana and Siro, Chuck and Wendy, Danny and Nancy, Dave and Ally, Keith and Sharon, Charlie and Mona -- all up and down Las Golondrinas: we are blessed beyond measure with the neighbors we have! I'll get some pictures of our gringo friends pretty soon and let you know what a great group we've got here! Right now, I've got to see about hotels in Guadalajara. From the looks of our beaches, they should all be empty!

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Randy said...

After reading your neighbors blog, it sounds like you might be all sighing with relief with the Semana Santa crowd vamoosing out of your area.