Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm back!

And I have absolutely no more plans to travel for a long time! It's been one trip a month to the States ever since we got down here and I'm ready to settle in and stay put for a while. My sisters and I spent a week in Lubbock putting stickers on things we'd like when Mom moves into her new apartment, which is about the size of the living room she has now. All of us are wondering how Emily plans to get a grand piano to Alaska....

I brought Mom back for a month, and while she's back on her feet and motivating along pretty well, we used a wheelchair in Houston and again on arrival in Puerto Vallarta. Weekends are when tours arrive and leave in PV during the high season (like NOW) The airport was an absolute zoo when we got in Saturday, but with the wheelchair it was like magic. Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed through customs! There's always an upside to every situation.

Our friends Chris and Ken arrived here on Sunday, that was yesterday, and last night we all stayed up and watched the Oscars. I'm up early now thinking about breakfast and plans for the day. It's not confidential info that C&K are looking for a place in Mexico and we'd love to have them close to us. I'm in the plotting and finagling mode rather than the creative writing one ...... so-o-o-o I'm going to refer you to my across the street neighbor's blog which she started just as I left for Texas. Jeanette is the one with the iguana perched on her shoulder in one of my earlier posts, and she's been pouring it out pretty steady about life here in Guayabitos. Lots and lots of pictures. And I'm learning so much from her posts! So go have a visit with JJ at and find out more about where we live!

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