Saturday, February 17, 2007

I know what boys like

Destroying things! Larry and Chano were busy tearing the old tile out of the kitchen this morning. I am promised brand new countertops and backsplash on my return from Texas. That will be one week from today. Again, I'm writing this blog instead of getting ready to go. In just a few minutes Larry will be tapping his foot and pushing me out the door.
I am carrying a big suitcase with another suitcase, a carry on, and a duffle bag inside. I'll either leave them at Mom's house or carry them back (along with Mom herself) full of ... stuff. My sisters are meeting me in Lubbock and we're going through years and years of .... stuff .... because, I suppose, that's what girls like.
Is this a sexist entry or what? Yes, Sweetie, I'm on my way! Just finishing up here.....
PS -- Randy -- Guaymas is a corruption of the Yaqui word for Guayima, meaning Queen of the Sea. Adios for now!

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Randy said...

Thank you for sharing that bit of knowledge regarding "guaymas."