Monday, February 12, 2007

Creative Impulses

I've got paint under my fingernails. That's why I haven't been typing on the computer. Hector is an artist from Guaymas, and he's been in town painting murals in our neighborhood. This one is across the street.
When I saw him working on a wall mural facing the street on Los Flamingos several days ago, I got all inspired and set up a workspace down in the basement. The colorful tables belong to my friend Jeanie. It's more fun to paint when you've got company. She's thinking about what else she wants to put on them. The big screen is mine, and I finally finished it today...maybe. At least I moved on to a lampshade with the paint that was left over. I refer to my art as "encouraging." People look at it and think, "Shoot, anybody could do that!" And they do. And that's what's fun.
In a few days I'll show you the finished products -- Hector's and mine. Don't know about Jeanie's. She's still thinking.

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T.T. said...

Susan - Hector's mural is going to look really great on that wall. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Question. Hector is from Guaymas and I live on Calle Guaymas up here in San Clemente. I might have asked this before, but what is the translation or meaning of Guaymas.

Thanks. Randy