Sunday, November 18, 2007

The learning curve: stalled in the half-pipe

Larry and I figured it out this morning. Teenagers know everything about cell phones and computers because they DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Safe in their own little worlds, out from under foot, they can practice the technological equivalent of ollies, fakies and grinds in total privacy. Total privacy and time to focus: a privilege few of us in the "real world" get to share.

Maybe that's an age-ist remark, but for the last four days I've been trying to get a nice block of time together and get acquainted with my Macbook. It ain't happenin'. Not with painters, roof tile layers, pool service people, housekeepers (ours and out of town neighbor's) needing direction, attention and MONEY. If I'm home, it seems, someone is at the door.

So I'm back at desktop PC Nellie just to play catch-up on where we are construction-wise. I also want to introduce you to a few friends I hang with and places I hang out when I escape. And NONE of these people have websites! And I don't think they skateboard, either.

PS -- Since I've posted a lot of blogs today, I'm adjusting the post times so they'll appear in consecutive order as you scroll down. Less confusing. I hope.

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