Wednesday, November 14, 2007

blogus interruptus

I was ready to blog! I leapt out of bed, sped to the side of my loved one, and jiggled her mouse. Ah, but my desktop, roused from her slumbers, must go through a morning ritual that rivals any aging beauty queen. She retreats. This will take a while. Excluded from intimate contact by a frosty screen, I find myself staring at her hourglass figure and wondering....What's she doing in there?

Evidently I'm not the first to approach her this morning. She's already been in the arms of Microsoft for some internet "update" intercourse. It's always like this. My rival leaves a note behind, saying my computer had to be "restarted." I think she fell asleep instead. At any rate she is not responding to my advances with the same urgency I feel coursing through my creative loins....

OK, that's what I wrote in a spiral notebook while waiting for PC Desktop Nellie to get it in gear. My ardor has diminished. On my list of things to do today: Hooking up with that new macbook I just brought back from Boston. And maybe start writing a romance novel..... But where did this guy in my head come from??!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

romance novel! ha! don't forget me when you need an editor!

luv ewe,