Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas piñatas around here are shaped like stars. No wonder. It's dark out there. Winter solstice, moonless night....and stars that shine with a brilliance you never see living in a city. Bright lights, big city: I wonder if that's why Herod didn't see the star. He had to ask the three kings when it appeared.

Sometimes it takes a walk -- or a pilgrimage -- in the wilderness, way off the beaten track, to get a glimpse of honest to goodness starshine. In the deepest night of the soul even the dimmest twinkle -- an act of kindness, a brief acknowledgement of someone else's humanity, just a nod of encouragement -- can prophesy a better and brighter reality. Is it any wonder that we celebrate the human appearing of the best example of living Love ever, whose star eclipsed all others, during this darkest time of the year?

May your piñatas be full of promise, and your sky full of meteor showers of blessings, "until the day dawn, and the daystar arise in your hearts."

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