Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring cleaning, getting organized, running with the night owls

For now the last of the houseguests have fled, leaving in their wake much cleaner storage spaces and much larger disk space. Or at least a group of computers who are more inclined to play nicely together. My sister Amy installed the scanner I bought when we moved down here a year or so ago. You know, the one with the special attachment for scanning slides which I was going to do in all my spare time. Her husband John, after installing the very nice printer that came for free with the Mac I bought last November and which I hadn't yet taken out of the box, sat in my office, going through boxes of electronic spaghetti, asking me hard questions like: Do I really want to keep a Sony Walkman that only plays cassette tapes? Do I really have need for a laptop which has no slot for CDs and takes only little hard disks? Am I aware that ZIP drives are now considered museum pieces? Do I ever consider throwing ANYTHING away?

Well, John, NO, I don't! I don't have the brave in-your-face self-confidence to jettison stuff that looks important and electronic and has mysterious end pieces that might fit something sometime. And failing that, might possibly be used to tie back tomato vines...if I ever felt inclined to plant any. Honest! That's the reason I used to keep old panty hose. But on second thought let's not even begin discussing my lingerie situation, which is probably as archaic as my collection of electronic equipment. Rusty and dusty. That's me in so many ways.

So, I think I need to start blogging again. It's sort of like limbering up for the day, getting the creative juices flowing and the fingers moving on the keyboard. Besides, I miss you guys -- whoever you are reading this. I don't want to lose touch! The weather is warming up and I can now crawl out of bed again in the middle of the night to attack my keyboard without freezing my petukis off....whatever that is. Use your imagination. I do. From talking to my neighbors, I think every pre and post menopausal woman is up during the wee small hours letting her imagination go wild -- reading, writing, painting pictures. Shoot, Nina across the estero paints her WALLS -- deep red, sap green, violeta and mustard. (Maybe that's why she can't sleep -- the colors keep her awake!)

But Nina's headed north like many of our neighbors. It's getting quiet once more in the zona. Most of us here on Golondrinas, however, will be holding out until the end of May, slowing things down, taking it easy, taking time to paint, read and write. Hmmmm. Now, pass me that 1040 and let's see how creative we can REALLY get.

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