Monday, February 18, 2008

When in Doubt, Fade Out

That's the counsel of the watercolor teacher who has been giving our artists' group lessons this past month. The sessions have dealt with "negative painting." Basically, you see a shape or object, and paint around it, washing over what's gone on the paper before. This way you create deeper and deeper contrasts and layer upon layer of color. This is the most recent piece I did using this technique. I call it "Wings," and it's going to be in a show that our group is mounting at the Xaltemba Gallery and Restaurant. The opening will be February 29, which is just a few days after Larry and I get back from New York City.
And there's another story -- About six weeks ago, I was wandering around the internet looking for a writers workshop to attend this summer. I stumbled across the New York Writers Workshop Non-Fiction Pitch Conference, and thought What the heck. I sent in a 100-word proposal for a book about our move here. I described it as "a collection of short essays: observations, meditations, and you might say prayers, inspired by life and culture here on Jaltemba Bay." I was accepted! Larry and I leave Wednesday from PV, off to a great adventure. (I think the major adventure is that he decided to go with me!)
So that's what I've been focussed on this past month or so, when it's been so quiet here on the blog. I've identified the major shapes in my life right now -- pitch conference and art opening -- and sort of washed color over everything else. That doesn't mean everything else has totally disappeared -- just faded to the background for a while.
And speaking of background -- For those of you who don't know how "links" work, place your cursor over the purple underlined words in this entry, and when you see the little hand, left click your mouse. It will take you to a site that gives more information about what I'm talking about. Hasta la vista for now!

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Laura said...

mmmmm, I love your painting....